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About the workshop

Imagine a Safe and Thriving Community

Over the past few months David and Kalaya'an have in deep conversations drawing restorative themes from the post apocalyptic HBO Show "The Last of Us". While we don't currently live in the mushroom-zombie apocalypse, we do live under white-cis-hetero-patriarchal-ablist-capitalistic conditions that create enormous amounts of harm to so many of us. We can't erase these oppressive conditions overnight, but we also can't build a safer world where everyone can thrive without imagining it. This workshop is an exercise is visioning and strategizing to take tangible steps towards building communities where we can ALL be free.


  • When is the workshop?

    The LIVE workshop will be on Sunday, March 19, from 9:00-10:30am Pacific/12:00-1:30pm Eastern.

  • Will this be recorded?

    We HIGHLY recommend attending live. Going through the exercises and having conversations in community is how so much of this learning will take place. But since we want to make some of the learning accessible to those who can't show up at this time, the workshop WILL be recorded, and posted by March 21st.

  • What does participation look like?

    Optimal participation in this workshop looks like: Being in a place where you can converse with other co-learners. Attending using a computer, or tablet. Some of the collaborative work will be easier if you're using a screen bigger than a phone. Showing up on camera is encouraged, but not required.

  • Do I have to watch "The Last of Us" to attend?

    No. We will reference some events and communities depicted in the show, but no prior knowledge of the show or video game is needed to attend.